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Downloads - WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe

Folder /downloads/Updates/Windows Installer/3.0/
WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe (1.91 MiB)

Windows Installer 3.0 (Not 3.1)

For Windows 2000 SP3, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP (No service packs), Windows XP SP1.

Windows XP SP2 and later includes Windows Installer 3.0 so it's not needed if you have XP SP2 or later.

Required when installing for example .NET framework

Tested: working
Source: /2000/updates/WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe

Total downloads: 2
Last file update: 2023-09-16
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