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I wrote this website for easy access to files and drivers made for old computers from them as I was annoyed that almost nothing works (sites and even software). This project was started back in July of 2023 as just a simple website. And it's currently somewhat ongoing...
Check also my main site! (not old browser compilant)

This website has been confirmed to work with Netscape 3.0!
Created and coded by maniek86 2023-2024

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Use of the software - Disclaimer

The software and drivers available on our site may be outdated and could contain security vulnerabilities. By using our site and downloading any files, you explicitly accept that you do so at your own risk. If you are unsure about the safety or reliability of any software, refrain from downloading and using it. We hereby disclaim any responsibility for any losses, damages, or security breaches that may arise from the use of software obtained from our reuploads. Our collection might include software uploaded by users in the community. While we make efforts to moderate and remove harmful content, we cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, or safety of user-contributed files

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